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Explorations Volume 1

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Explorations Volume 1
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Over the last few months, we teamed up with Marc Bell from Troublemakers Studio to create 40+ unique drumbreaks. Looking to mesh our unconventional recording process with decades of expertise Marc. his obsession for experimenting and finding new sounds and his state of the art arsenal of vintage studio gear, led to the creation of Explorations volume 1. 

Played and Performed by Sam AetherMico Farkash, and Marc Bell. Recorded and Mixed by Marc BellSam Aether, and Mico Farkash. Cover art by @maayan.benporat 

  • Formatted as 32bit WAV files (compatible with every daw). Simply drag, drop, and chop away.
  • All Drumbreaks are covered by our Master Clearance Agreement
  • Please email us at [ clearance@oasismusiclibrary.com ] to get in touch about any Master and Publishing Clearances. ("Master Clearance" Guaranteed)