Cassette Tape Breaks Volume 2

Cassette Tape Breaks Volume 2

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Dusty. Crunchy. and Warm: Cassette Tape Breaks returns for Volume 2 and is better than ever. Another addition to your go-to drum folder - the embodiment of limitation creating innovation.

Includes: 35 Drumbreaks, 15 Fills / Perc Loops, and 25 Assorted One Shots all directly recorded through a 6 track cassette portastudio.

All drums were Recorded, Designed, and Mixed by Sam Aether.

  • Formatted as 24bit WAV files (compatible with every daw). Simply drag, drop, and chop away.
  • All one-shots/fills and percussion loops are completely Royalty Free
  • Loops inside the  “DRUMBREAKS”  folder are instead covered by our Master Clearance Agreement - essentially royalty free unless used on a major label equivalent record and even then we are extremely fair and hassle free.
  • Please email us at [ ] to get in touch about any Master and Publishing Clearances. ("Master Clearance" Guaranteed)