Oasis RC-20 Presets Volume 1

Oasis RC-20 Presets Volume 1

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Introducing Oasis RC-20 Presets Volume 1: a pack of 40 expertly crafted presets for XLN Audio's RC-20 plugin.

These presets, used in the daily production and sound design workflow of Niko Oroc, are designed to inspire and elevate your productions.

Emulating the unique character of some of Niko's favorite gear (such as old tape/cassette machines, vintage eqs/compressors, guitar pedals, rare rack effects, analog consoles, and more) these presets offer a diverse range of options for adding depth and character to your audio.

Easy to load and ready to use, Oasis RC-20 Presets Volume 1 is the perfect addition to any producer's toolkit.

(does not come with the plugin these are only the presets - please purchase RC-20 from XLN Audio before buying - no refunds)