Hidden Scrolls Volume 2

Hidden Scrolls Volume 2

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Where Vintage Warmth and Modern Punch finally meets

Comprised of all original sounds, Hidden Scrolls Volume 2 was recorded with a fleet of vintage / classic microphones and processed with REAL & RARE analog gear

Simply put, this drum kit is as record ready as it gets. Just drag, drop, and be instantly inspired

Unlike our sample packs, “Hidden Scrolls Volume 2” is royalty free. However, reselling any sounds from this pack is strictly prohibited. For any questions or for clarification please email us at [contact@oasismusiclibrary.com}


11 fully processed Drum Breaks (half live, half programmed), 12 Kicks, 70+ Snares, 25+ Hi-Hats, 4 Drum Rolls, 7 Toms, and 6 Cymbals.

Played and Mixed by Nikobeats. Tracked by Ken Barrientos at The Breath.

Art and Animation by @robbchambers