Oasis Music Library Volume 1

Oasis Music Library Volume 1

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The Oasis Music Library is a collection of original musical compositions and recordings aka “samples” created by multi genre music producer and composer, Nikobeats

"At the beginning of my career, what drew me to sampling was the texture. But as 10 years went on... what I grew to realize was that I didn't love sampling simply because its warmth, vinyl pops, and occasional needle skips, but actually because of the stories told on those samples," says Niko.

"Taking records from different countries / time eras and re-imagining them was magic to me. Flipping those moments and giving them to a whole new generation, in a completely different way... that's what drove me. So much so that I went about learning how to create them for myself."

In Oasis' first edition, Niko draws inspiration from classic Soul, Prog Rock, Electronic, and Library records to create 14 original compositions. Blending shimmery Rhodes, Live flanged Guitar, P Bass, and 80's Synth sounds, Niko aims to bridge the gap between his favorite 70's / 80's records and the modern soundscape that contextualizes records released today. 

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