Layers 3

Layers 3

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Introducing the highly anticipated third volume of Oasis' best-selling drum kit, Layers 3.

Created by producers Sam Aether, Mico Farkash, and Niko Oroc this collection features a diverse array of original drum sounds, including 45+ Drumbreaks/Percussion Loops and over 100 one-shots of Kicks, Snares, Hats, Claps, Cymbals, Percs, and Toms.

All sounds were played, performed, recorded, and mixed by Sam Aether, Mico Farkash, and Niko Oroc. With cover art designed by @maayan.benporat, Layers 3 is sure to be  another staple in the toolbox of today's music producers.

  • Formatted as 32bit WAV files (compatible with every daw). Simply drag, drop, and chop away.
  • All one-shots and percussion loops are completely Royalty Free
  • Loops inside the  “DRUMBREAKS”  folder are instead covered by our Master Clearance Agreement
  • Please email us at [ ] to get in touch about any Master and Publishing Clearances. ("Master Clearance" Guaranteed